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Calgel Nails

Presently, Calgel is the most advanced system in nail salons. Applied to extended tips or over natural nail like polish, Calgel is everlasting and only comes off when you decide you want a change. Calgel is completely safe to use, and a pleasure to wear.

Calgel is great for clients struggling to grow nails or preparing for a wedding day, as Calgel can be applied and removed without damaging the natural nail growing underneath.

Calgel is available in a range of 90 glamorous semi-permanent colours with matching nail polishes, providing a co-ordinated look for hands and toes.

Calgel Nail Extensions

Using blended tips to extend natural nail.

Full set - Colour £35
Full Set - French (white tip) £35

Please note: client’s nails need to have free edge on nail to apply false tip.

Calgel Nail Overlays

Calgel applied over natural nails.

French £20
Coloured Calgel £20


Maintenance required after 2 – 3 weeks. £20


Replacement extension £3
Replacement overlay £2
Silk repair £1
Emergency call out £5
Soak off & manicure £15

Calgel on toes

Semi permanent polish that lasts up to 8 weeks. Great for holidays and weddings.

French £15
Colour £15

Nail Art

From 50p

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